Tuesday, March 15, 2011


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Friday, March 5, 2010

SXSW 2010

So you wanna see TEENAGE COOL KIDS at sxsw?

Though we will not be playing any official showcases, you (rock music enthusiast) will have a few chances to see us play (enthusiastic rock music) in Austin during the annual "week you won't remember." Each of these shows look promising of good vibes and sweet tunes.

We will be running around town with our sister band FERGUS & GERONIMO and two bloggers from London, trying to squeeze as much fun and good music out of our state's capital before heading south to Monterrey to keep the party going.
Thursday night's "KVRXplosion" (1109 n. I-35) is one show we are really looking forward to. The fact that we are playing with Wu Tang's own GZA (the Genius) is mind-boggling in itself but to make things even more "rag-tag", the bill also includes raging hardcore/grind from Canadians THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE and Austin locals HATRED SURGE. F&G are playing the Weekly Tape Deck "Shake Some Action!" party Thursday evening as well.

Friday starts off with the Transparent showcase at the Tiniest Bar in Texas on 5th, with F&G and other bands from the UK label. TCK play two shows Friday. The first is Don't Tell Mom Fest at the House of Commons co-op. This is a free show that will have great bands playing all day (including but not limited to: THE PHARMACY, SHANNON & THE CLAMS, HUNX AND HIS PUNX, WILD AMERICA.) This looks like a great show to post up at and see a lot of good bands. We are scheduled to play at 5:50, and are followed by Denton bro-bands OCCULT DETECTIVE CLUB and STYMIE. You can see the complete schedule on the last.fm event page.

Then it's back to Karibu Ethiopian Restaurant on E 7th for night two of Weekly Tape Deck's "Shake Some Action!" party, TCK are scheduled for 8:40

Saturday you get a chance to see TCK and F&G at the same show. Both bands will be playing the KVRX showcase at Domy Books. Later that evening F&G will be playing the Woodsist showcase at Red7 (w/ WOODS, REAL ESTATE, FRESH AND ONLYS) which will no doubt be an awesome show.

On sunday all surviving members of the troupe will head down to Monterrey, MX for the MTY MX festival where F&G and TCK will play one more time before returning home to our respective homes.

We look forward to your patronage and appreciate the interest, we will try to have some sort of merchandise to peddle off on you, we will definitely have some records and hopefully shirts too, we shall see what we can get together in these next couple weeks.

Until then... One Love,

howdy y'all

So we somehow managed not make a single post for the entirety of 2009, crazy considering how many interesting things happened last year. I'm going to do my part to post relevant things here and hope it encourages the other guys to do so as well. Expect a SXSW breakdown in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, here's a video from our show in Paris that recently surfaced, I need to remember to take my fannypack of before playing. Do I always look that awkward?

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Sunday, July 6, 2008


Fayetteville, AR New Delhi w/ French Quarter
JULY 8 Western Springs, IL Church of Rock w/ This Forest
JULY 9 Appleton, WI The BFG w/Tenement
JULY 10 Columbus, OH The House of Rice w/FIYA, Tin Armor
JULY 11 Latham, NY The Landing Zone
JULY 12 Three Rivers, MA 2042 Main St Apt 3 & 6
JULY 13 Lewiston, ME Guthries w/ Daniel Striped Tiger
JULY 15 Berlin, CT Bison Manor
JULY 16 Boston, MA
JULY 17 Brooklyn, NY Bodega w/Juiceboxxx
JULY 18 Philadelphia, PA The Thunderdome w/ Algernaan Cadwalader
JULY 19 Baltimore, MA Charm City Art Space
JULY 20 Washington, DC DC Party Pit
JULY 21 Richmond, VA Mammal Mansion w/ Friendly Fire
JULY 22 Chapel Hill, NC
JULY 23 Cookeville, TN Temple Skatepark

Sunday, June 15, 2008

'08 Summer Tour Blog #3

OK! Here it is! The video is pretty long but it does cover 4 days on the road. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

blog #3???

HI ALL! Chris P. here posting from Olympia, WA on tour with RESIGNED TO FATE. I finished editing the third blog video but every time I score an internet connection it's too slow to upload to youtube. Anyway, expect another installment of the tour blog soon. Also, if you want to keep tabs on me, I'm going to do a similar tourblog for RTF on my blog (releasefromalliance.blogspot.com)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We've all made it home alive and well from another great tour.

I'd like to thank all the amazingly generous people we met along the way who helped us out, fed us, got us kicked out of their mom's house, let us sleep on the floor (trampoline), touched our butts, made out with us, listened to our music, bought stuff from us, and hung out with us on behalf of myself and the rest of the boys.

See you next time!