Monday, January 7, 2008

Excursion Into Philosophy: Northern California

A Timeline of Our Journey from Eugene to Sacramento

-Everybody wakes up, feels sick and has sore throats. Lorax Manor is immediate scapegoat.
-We leave without saying goodbye, I am feeling a little bit better, well enough to play a show.
-We drive south into California and are starting to get semi pumped about playing a show that night.
-Baggins takes off his shirt.
-It rains a lot.
-We get into California and traffic is insane.
-Turns out we have to have snow chains to get past a check point, which is what the traffic is all about.
-Baggins proclaims that its “barely rainin’, hardly cold”, and “don’t wanna pay no heed to no snow chains”, and takes off his shirt.
-We make a couple of attempts to put on snow chains. Ours don’t fit.
-We get to the check point and Wilford Brimley lets us pass cause we have a 4X4 or so we tell him.
-We sat in traffic between Yreka and Weed, California for three hours.
-We get to weed and buy snow chains that we will actually never use.
-The weather never gets bad at all and we get kind of aggravated because we are four hours behind and we have already missed the show.
-We get to Sacramento and call David who booked our show but he is sick so we talk to his girlfriend Chantelle and she give us directions to her house.
-Chantelle and David’s place looks like married couple house but she looks like she is probably 17 or something.
-She is really nice though.
-And makes us pasta.
-We go to bed and it was definetly the crappiest day of tour yet.

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