Saturday, March 15, 2008

Review of Queer Salutation in MRR

TEENAGE COOL KIDS - Queer Salutations CD
I think the title of this is supposed to be wacky versus being part of the queer punk scene. With that being said, this is OK amateur punk. I hear a little ATOM AND HIS PACKAGE, maybe a little Lookout! records comp style stuff. Maybe a lesser GRUMPIES. (RL)


steve said...

i think it's better than OK guys, kudos! I blogged 'bout you guys a while back on my music blog. I picked up the tape of Queer Saluations, good stuff!

C said...


Kenny said...

hey i saw on your myspace that youre looking for a show in Nashville. contact MeeMaw...they have a house, they are awesome, and will probably dig your stuff. peace!